Meet The Sweet Clover Team

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Sweet Clover owners,  Kimberly Bowers & Rebekah Johnson 

Rebekah Johnson 

Kimberly Bowers 

Diane and Chelsea of Cloher Collections

Cloher Collections is the owner-operated passion of dynamic mother and daughter team, Diane and Chelsea Cloher.  Our mission is to provide quality furniture and accessories to our diverse customers at affordable prices.  We accomplish this by finding great pieces that need various levels of love (read cleaning, sanding, repairing, reupholstering, painting and finish) to be transformed into something awesome and desirable.  As an eco-minded business, we consider salvage a big part of our commitment as well as the use of organic and VOC free products whenever possible.  We call on our training and love of color, design, texture, space, form, and history to make each piece unique and, in some cases, a veritable work of art.  Our personal aesthetic is drawn from our love of all things French with a flash of Chinoiserie.  This includes and is certainly not limited to French Country, Loire Vally, and naturalement, Paris.  We like to layer old with new, city with country, and Gatsby with Coco centered around that WOW! statement piece.  We may start with a large buffet or a simple dresser mirror to tell the story of the room and your home.

We love helping others achieve the perfect balance between form and function and welcome custom orders, space design consultations, and the opportunity to learn and grow while serving our customers and community.  Let us help you get started in achieving the look that inspires you and makes your space your home.  We look forward to meeting you.

Sherry of Distressed

Hello! My name is Sherry Loving and I'm the owner of Distressed, a vintage furniture company. I've been refinishing furniture and merchandising vintage home goods for the past 8 years and have loved every moment of it.

My appreciation for antiques began with Letterpress. As an artist I've always been drawn to typography and architecture. I went to school for Interior Design and Business Management.

In 2005, my family moved from Portland, Oregon to Savannah, Georgia. I attribute the birth of my "picker" career to this great state.  It was here that I discovered my first Ball jar, a canning jar of ALL things, and I just became obsessed! Ok, ready? Here's my dirty little secret. I rarely pass up a Ball Jar. I just can't, they become "my pretties" and I learn all about them. My oldest jar is from the 1870's. At one point I had over 300 jars in my collection, however, over time I began trading and selling them. Becoming a collector of old fruit and canning jars evolved as I discovered more things along my travels that I just couldn't pass up! Everything I collect has a story that comes with it. A little piece of history that I love sharing from one person to the next.

In 2006 my family moved to Maryland, and that is when I decided it was time to start sharing my pickings from the south, to make room for goodies in the North, as I was falling in love with discoveries from Pennsylvania and Maryland. In 2007 I began selling to friends and neighbors and eventually evolved to become Distressed. I sell in Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland. You can also find me in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Please find me upstairs to the left at any Sweet Clover Tag Sale! I'd enjoy meeting you and talking about any goodies that are catching your interest!

Leila of Leilouta

Sometimes life reminds you how precious our time here is. 
A few years ago and within three months of each other, both my husband and I were given such a reminder.  Life happens that way, I guess. I decided that I had to pursue my passions and stop waiting for the 'perfect time'. With two little ones and one on the way there was no perfect time anyway.

 Le temps d'apprendre à vivre il est déjà trop tard.

I have always loved art. My American mother met my Tunisian father in Paris at his first showing there. His artwork had always been in our house and around me and I studied art for a time myself. I drifted away from it after I decided to come to the US to discover and learn about 'my mother's country'.  I had been wanting to get back into drawing and painting for a while, but with a 4 year old and a one year old, I could barely hold a pen to make a grocery list much less stay within the moment of inspiration to create a painting. I knew I needed to use a brush and be creative so I decided to refresh some of our furniture and see where it would take me.  

I had stained and painted our dining room set a few years back, but I didn't really know too much about the materials I was using or any special techniques. This time around I began by researching everything. I spent each night reading books, blogs and viewing online images. By the time I was finished with my refresh I wanted more furniture to work with. I began to look for new pieces wherever I could find them. After taking over our spare room, shed, porch, and dining room with my finds, my husband asked me if I had any plans for all the new furniture. My new passion was close in his mind to becoming a full blown hoarding disorder. 

"Don't worry I will sell them", I told him.. 
"How?", he asked.  
"Online", I replied. 
"Really?" He said.

I began by posting some items on Craigslist along with a few cow skins I was not using anymore. I got immediate replies to the cow skins, and sold them in no time. Then I got asked if the lamps I was using to decorate a dresser were for sale also. I thought why not. I wanted different lamps. My husband came home from work and said why is it so dark in here before noticing the missing lamps. Then he asked me why I didn't buy new lamps before selling the old ones. I didn't answer. The house was constantly changing. Four different buffets in three months. Several different dressers in the bedroom. Finally he asked me if he could just have one drawer somewhere that doesn't change to put his things. I didn't answer. He doesn't bother asking questions anymore.

I am very excited to be a part of Sweet Clover and hope you enjoy my work. 

Visit Leila's website, Leilouta.

Kimberly has loved all things vintage since purchasing her first home in 2001. Reviving her 100 year old craftsman bungalow opened a world of vintage colors, patterns, textiles and furniture. The love of objects that held deep history had set in. She has been a professional photographer since 2000 and continues to photograph weddings in the greater DC/MD/VA area as well as teach photography workshops. Her recent addition of the Made New by Kimberly Brooke business has allowed her to scratch her creative itch beyond the lens with vintage finds, custom painted furniture and hand painted signage. After a year of major changes in her personal life, Kimberly has held deep to the words of the Lord in Revelation 21:5 "...Behold, I make all things new..." and her new venture was birthed. She has recently started hosting Makeshops at her home studio in New Windsor, MD for women to gather for a fun evenings of crafting and community. She has a slight obsession with anything teal, turquoise or aqua, so don't be surprised to find items in that scheme often at Sweet Clover. When she is not shooting, picking or painting, she is riding dirtbikes or swimming with her two sons and trying to manage a house with 5 cats!

Cheryl of Reclaimed

Reclaimed was born when two friends decided to join forces to "reclaim" vintage furniture, textiles, barn wood, and awesome found collectibles for a refreshed, one of a kind addition to your home, office, and life.

Traditional meets industrial with some rustic mixed in from Cheryl, co-partner of RECLAIMED - upstairs at "the barn".  Always interested in creating things, be it a hand carved Windsor chair, tiny glitter houses, a steam-bent Shaker box or simple fabric curtains, things for the home have always been following Cheryl's bliss. After raising three boys, shepherding numerous pets and teaching for almost a half century, RECLAIMED is the perfect creative outlet. If you see a small red pickup truck cruising the local back roads, packed to the brim with found treasures, it just might be Cheryl looking for more RECLAIMED goodies to bring to the Sweet Clover Barn. 

Sheila, co-partner of RECLAIMED, needed to find her refuge and joy ... after “flying off in the wild blue” and retiring from USAF; working at a federal criminal court; when her children graduated college and needed “stuff” for their new homes.  Years earlier she began school for interior design but had to drop out when duty called.  RECLAIMED was her chance to return to her creative side.  Whether it be dabbling in making pottery or stain glass designs, carving hand-hewn dough bowls, or collecting and creating something new from something old, Sheila can be found in her studio, driveway or office with paint in her hair and mischief in her eyes.  

Look for our sign upstairs made from RECLAIMED treasures like records, rusty drill bits, rulers, and even parts of a license plate to see what we have found, painted, & repurposed for you and your loves. 

More coming soon!